Madame Trilogy Bittersweet Goodbyes-Author Patrick Lorcan Woods

Madame Trilogy Bittersweet Goodbyes-Author Patrick Lorcan Woods

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Trilogy of Books Part 1-Bittersweet Goodbyes.

Today I shall read the full chapter 8. In Dublin's fair city.

After Nathans's explosive disappearance and re-appearance Madame insists the day proceeds as normal.
Madame's plan is that their day in Dublin shall have no more upsets and both Nathan and Fred's nephew Patrick shall be punished once they have returned to Linden Hall.

I shall proceed with Chapter 9 called Operation Shamrock.

During the war years, Ireland homed the children affected by war in Europe. Those children that arrive at Liden Hall are 4 x girls which excites Madame.
2 girls are from France and 2 x girls are from war-torn Germany.

It is the first time that Nathan and his brothers have experienced being in the company of Girls. It makes for exciting times ahead.

I shall only read part of chapter 9. I shall continue in my next video to read and complete chapter 9 and then all of chapter 10.

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