12 Extreme Rules The Squid Game Cast Had To Follow

12 Extreme Rules The Squid Game Cast Had To Follow

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The Squid Game cast may be incredibly famous, but they definitely earned it - not only with their incredible performances, but with the amount of rules they had to follow and work they had to do to be part of this special show.
Working on the most successful show ever on Netflix was definitely exciting and we’d think the actors would want to talk about all the cool stuff they got to do - but that was a major no no, the actors couldn’t even do any interviews with press unless it was okay with the production. The actors also had to commit to staying in shape - if they didn’t, they could risk not being able to carry out the highly physical scenes and since the actors didn’t have stunt doubles, this was a serious issue. One actor had to stay in shape AND gain nearly forty pounds! While it helped the show, the actor still suffered quite a bit physically because of the intense demands. Working on a project this ambitious takes a lot of time and concentration - but that didn’t stop one actor from taking on a major role while still writing his university thesis! That actor was allowed to do both, but he had to rise to the occasion and commit all his energy to the show when he was needed.
One actor couldn’t speak with their normal accent - they had to spend time training with an accent coach in order to sound how they needed to for the show. It may not have been easy, but committing to all these rules was a major contributor to making the show as amazing as it is!

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00:00 Intro
00:13 Staying Fit
00:58 Crazy Schedule
01:25 Short Breaks
01:53 No Interviews
02:31 Weight Gain
03:19 Confidentiality Agreement
03:55 No Alcohol
04:31 Work & School
05:26 Learning Games
06:05 No Flinching
06:38 Still as Statues
07:08 New Accent
07:39 Outro

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Written by: Thalia GK
Narrated by: Serena L
Edited by: Joaquín Rodríguez

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