The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun with 100 Levels! (Fortnite Creative)
play The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun with 100 Levels! (Fortnite Creative)

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The SUPER EASY Default Deathrun with 100 Levels! (Fortnite Creative)

Published by : JDuth
100 Level DEFAULT DEATHRUN in Fortnite Creative!
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$200 Speedrun Challenge:
CODE: 6829-1378-2440

This is a contest where you go for a speedrun of the entire 100 level deathrun and compete for the best time.

1st Place: $120 & Will help make ONE level in next Default Deathrun
2nd Place: $40
3rd Place: $40

Content Creator Prize:
Picking two people who make content on my deathrun (streams or videos) and will have 2 winners help me build 1 level each on my next default deathrun!
*content creators don't need to send me anything, just add JDuth or Default Deathrun I'll find you

1. Start run center of spawn pad on level 1, end run as soon as you grab the toilet paper on level 100
2. NO SKIPPING Levels, you don't have to touch each spawnpad but make sure you are skipping levels completely (for example if you impulsed from level 6 to level 10)
3. NO USING impulses or items on a level except the level it is intended for
4. No walking on traps to avoid parts or skips of level (as of now I don't think this is possible but incase it is, don't do it)
5. Comment any questions below!

How to Submit:
1. Email [email protected]
[Please ONLY submit times here, this is not a way to contact me. Thank you]
2. Title the email EXACTLY like this or I cannot count your run:
"[Time] - Your YouTube Name"
4:29 - Firegamer23

3. In your email please provide a public YouTube link to the run & the best way to contact you (either Twitter or Instagram)


quick note: prizes could take 2-3 weeks to be received, must send money on paypal only & if you are under the age of 18 you must have parents/guardian claim the prize for you.


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🔥 The Official 100 level default deathrun in fortnite creative! Tired of hard deathruns like cizzorz fun run or jduth 3.0 deathrun? Introducing the 100 level default deathrun, this is a super easy deathrun with 100 levels! Hop in and enjoy!

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