15 Unbelievable Bear Attacks And Interactions Caught On Camera

15 Unbelievable Bear Attacks And Interactions Caught On Camera

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Bears are scavengers and feeders who take advantage of opportunities. When given the chance, bears will take advantage of any available food source. Have you ever seen a bear hunt an elk? What about a bear chasing a skier? If you want to see some unreal footage where bears take the front stage, keep watching, as we count down 15 unbelievable bear attacks and interactions caught on camera.

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Bear Vs Cows & Bulls

Bears, both black and grizzly, are known to prey on cattle of all ages, as well as swine and sheep. Due to their size, grizzlies may feed on larger animals, such as adult cows. In our first video, this black bear is interested in getting to know this bull. The two smell one another through this fence. I’m not sure if the bear wants to be friends, or if it just wants to have lunch. It tries grabbing the bull through the fence several times and is seen at the end of the video climbing the fence. Next, a fairly large bear is trying to bring down this cow, but the cow is extremely strong and keeps walking all the way onto the street with the bear on its back.

I don’t know if the bear ends up making the kill, but if it does, it couldn’t have been easy. In our next video, you can see this grizzly bear chasing a cow through the forest. At some point, it looks like the bear has made the kill, and is eating its prey, but suddenly, the cow gets up and keeps fighting. Cows are tough cookies. Finally, this bear is drinking water and I don’t think it’s aware that some sort of bison is standing right next to it. The bear keeps drinking, that is, until the bison slams its horns into the bear and then the bear looks at it and takes off.

Bear Vs Boar & Pig

Bears will hunt wild boar, but the animal is not the first item on the bear’s menu. This bear is trying to get something done with this wild hog, but it’s having a hard time pulling its way. The boar is strong and is pulling its own weight. The advantage the bear has is its strong jaws and paws. In our next clip, this bear is sharing a watering hole with a huge wild hog. The bear makes a move, but the hog runs off, only to return and drink moments later. The bear doesn’t bother with the hog. In this night vision clip, a huge bear snatches a young hog, and this hunt is over in seconds unless the bear wants to play with the baby hog.

Next, this black bear is wrestling with a wild boar, and the people filming the incident honk to try and scare the bear away, but I think the bear is so focused on the boar, it doesn’t even hear the horn as the bear continues to pound the boar. This young bear chases two black boars across the forest. I don’t think the bear will catch up to them, but you never know. Finally, watch this bear try to kidnap a pig from its pen. The other pigs are ignoring the matter, even though they hear their friend squealing like a “mother brother”. The bear is pulling on the pig's back, ripping some of its skin off, but the pig is so heavy, the bear isn’t able to lift it up and bring it over the fence. I wonder why the people filming doesn’t intervene because this isn’t happening in the wild. This bear is attacking a farm and its pigs.