Astounding abandoned manor of a WW2 soldier - Time capsule of wartime

Astounding abandoned manor of a WW2 soldier - Time capsule of wartime

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Remotely located in the vast French countryside, there is a property that was once called "Le Moulin" - the mill.
And not just any property, it was once home to a French family and comes with an intriguing story and history.
This 2 story house was last occupied 15 years ago and was owned by Mr. Roger and Mrs. Andree.
Mr. Roger served as a soldier back in World War II.
Unbelievable but true - mementos from wartimes, their memories, and other family relics have slowly been sinking into dust during the last decades.

Old documents teach us that Mr. Roger was involved in a shooting accident during a war battle during the war, for which he eventually received compensation from the French state. Luckily, he survived, but did not remain unscathed - the man became disabled but ultimately, the couple gratefully found all their peace in their manor in the middle of the meadows.

This is how they lived up to a quiet retirement, while they made bread in an artisanal way in their own mill, which they sold to the villagers in the region, and worked towards their peaceful old age when they eventually both left this planet.

During the long stretch of desolation, hardly anyone, besides some vermin, has entered this property - making it a true time capsule of wartime. Today I take you on a tour through their lives as I explore their former house in search for answers.

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Abandoned France: Astounding Abandoned Manor of a WW2 Soldier - Time Capsule of Wartime
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