Using The Lumia 950XL In 2021?  - Could Have Been Great

Using The Lumia 950XL In 2021? - Could Have Been Great

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The Microsoft Lumia 950XL is a Windows phone from 2015 which was Microsoft's last ditch attempt at reviving the dying Windows Phone OS alongside the Lumia 950 and Lumia 650 as well! Sadly, due to its horrible design flaws and cheaper comparative build quality, topped off with a lack of apps on the Windows phone store and many more..caused the Lumia 950 and and Lumia 950XL to fail. Its also considered as a collectors item at this age and since I am phone collector with a massive phone collection, having this phone was a must.
Like promised, this is the Using the Lumia 950XL in 2021 or Lumia 950XL 2021 video that I said I will be doing. This also doubles as Using Windows Phone 10 in 2021 or Windows Phone in 2021 as well! As I go in detail with the Windows OS and the situation with the Microsoft Store and everything needed to know about Windows Apps in 2021.
Iv done a video comparing the iPhone 12 Pro Max VS Lumia 950XL in a head to head camera comparison which you can find on my channel.
This video also counts as a Lumia 950XL Review and Lumia 950XL Camera test as I have included a great selection of photos and video in the Lumia 950XL Camera Samples section of this video!

It ain't no iPhone 12 Pro Max, Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, Motorola Edge S or OnePlus 8T but its definitely an interesting phone in its own league. And in this video lets see how well the Microsoft Lumia 950XL holds up here in 2021, how Windows Phone is in 2021 and whether you should buy a Lumia 950XL in 2021?
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Intro & History: (0:00)
Design & Build: (3:34)
Display: (6:38)
Hardware Specs: (8:37)
Current App Situation: (11:28)
Software Performance: (16:40)
Browser Demo: (17:30)
Gaming Demo: (19:44)
Camera Specs: (21:59)
Camera Interface & Info: (23:37)
Daytime Photos: (25:56)
Daytime Video: (28:01)
Night Time Photos: (29:10)
Night Time Video: (30:42)
Camera Discussion: (31:40)
Amazing Features: (32:38)
Iris Scanner: (33:12)
Speaker Demo: (34:15)
Battery & Thermals: (35:11)
Conclusion & Final Thoughts: (37:40)