When the Customer Refuses To Pay
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When the Customer Refuses To Pay

Published by : LOFE
This is what happens when customers don`t pay!

02:19 - Truckloads of dirt dumped outside Auckland cafe over alleged $30,000 debt

An Auckland trucking company owner dumped truckloads of the "smelliest" dirt he could find outside a cafe over an alleged $30,000 debt.

Barry Hart, the owner and director of Central Trucking Ltd, dumped four loads of dirt outside Xotic Sweets & Snacks in Sandringham on Friday.

Hart was subcontracted by Central Site Works Ltd early this year to demolish a building behind the cafe and dig new foundations.

He claims the cafe's director, Jaspal Singh, owes Central Works $88,000 for the work - $30,000 of which is owed to him.

Hart claimed Singh stopped returning his calls about the debt so he decided to take matters into his own hands.

"It's disappointing that it's had to come to this, but I'd had a gutsful of it. I had to do something."

He said Central Works was seeking legal advice about how to get the money back.

Meanwhile, he would dump more dirt in the New Year if Singh didn't pay up.

"I hope he does the right thing."

Singh could not be reached for comment.

His wife, Jasmeet Kaur, told Fairfax the dirt dumpers were "idiots". She wouldn't comment further.

A post to Hart's Facebook page about the dumping has been shared more than 2900 times.

Hart told the Herald he was surprised it had gone "viral".

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