Halo Episode 1 | My Brutally Honest Thoughts & Why I'm Worried About the Mass Effect TV-Series

Halo Episode 1 | My Brutally Honest Thoughts & Why I'm Worried About the Mass Effect TV-Series

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I just watched Episode 1 of the new Halo TV-show - And it makes me worried for the future Mass Effect TV-series. There are several reasons to this, one of them being that Halo is the first actual live-action tv-series based on a game series.

So let's dive into my review of this first episode, as i go on a 30-minute ramble onwhat's good and bad. In other words, these are my brutally honest thoughts.

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00:00 - Why Halo has me Worried for Mass Effect
01:15 - Disclaimer
01:30 - The Breakdown Begins
02:40 - The Covenant appears
03:50 - The Gore & Violence
05:37 - Master Chief & The Spartans saves the day
06:50 - Reach (UNSC Headquarters)
07:45 - The Writers didn't play the games
08:18 - The Forerunner Artifact
10:10 - Back to Reach
10:45 - High Charity (THIS wierded me out)
13:35 - Miranda Keyes & the Girl
15:45 - Master Chief & the Girl (ugh)
16:15 - My Issue with the Dialogue & the direction of Master Chief
18:45 - Master Chief's face reveal...
21:00 - Escaping Reach
21:45 - Explaining why i'm worried for the Mass Effect show