NCIX Data Breach - The WAN Show Sept 21, 2018

NCIX Data Breach - The WAN Show Sept 21, 2018

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Timestamps courtesy of WestOfAsh

0:00 Streamed to test channel instead of LIVE
1:10 Intro!
2:00 NCIX data breach
20:10 Google Event/Pixel Phones!
20:56 Linux use to work for NCIX
21:37 Amazon shotgun blast of NEW(Mostly random) products. No hype train.
31:40 Amazon smart clock?
37:52 Sponsor #1 Synergy!
40:00 Sponsor #2 Madrina's Coffee! (Tried it myself I like it! Accidentally paid full price =(. )
42:00 Sponsor #3 Squarespace!!!!!
44:10 Google's China based search engine will link Citizen's phone numbers to their search history!
46:29 First Adult steam game! Banned in 28 countries
50:50 Twitch banned in China
53:40 OnePlus TV's
54:22 Europe and Washington state are tackling gambling/loot boxes
58:00 Superchats
1:00:10 RTX is ONNNNNN!!!!!!