5 Ancient Inventions That Were WAY Ahead Of Their Time | Answers With Joe

5 Ancient Inventions That Were WAY Ahead Of Their Time | Answers With Joe

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From napalm flamethrowers to an analog computer, the ancient world was far more clever and technologically advanced than we think it was. Here are 5 ancient inventions that were way ahead of their time.

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Hero of Alexandria built a steam engine 2,000 years before the industrial revolution.

The Byzantines in Constantinople developed a napalm flamethrower they called Greek Fire.

Muslim armies in the crusades fought with a steel alloy that wouldn't be reproduced for 1000 years called Damascus Steel.

A clay pot called the Baghdad Battery discovered in modern day Iraq could possibly have been a galvanic cell electric battery.

And the famed Antikythera Mechanism was an analog computer featuring technology that wouldn't be seen again for 1500 years.