Shadow Of Mordor - Live Action (OFFICIAL)
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Shadow Of Mordor - Live Action (OFFICIAL)

Published by : Corridor

Sponsored by WB Games.

Krimp the Orc is about to have a very bad day. Like, Wraith bad.

Based on the awesome game "Shadow of Mordor", check it out!

Check out the BTS!


Thanks to our amazing cast and crew.

Directed & Written by Sam Gorski and Niko Pueringer

Produced by Jake Watson

Music by Casey Edwards


Billy Bussey

Clinton Jones

Xin Sarith Wuku

Jared Degado

Robert Dill

Jake Watson

Adam Lyons, Alex Barbatsis, Jon Enge

and Matthew Mercer (Voice of Goroth, Talion)


Fight Choreographer & Stunt Coordinator: Luke LaFontaine
Add’t Weapons: Dave Baker

Costumes Design: Jon Enge
Talion Costume: Kristen Carr
Add’t Costume: Brad Rothwell of Dirty Moose Designs

Key Makeup: Trista Metz
Makeup: Thirati K, Lily Von Isenberg
Add't Makeup: Scott Ramp and Scream Team (

Assistant Camera: Wren Weichman
BTS Camera: Adam Lyons

Associate Producer: Adam Lyons
Production Assistants: David Carmichael, Alex Barbatsis, Eddie King, Brooke Shedd

Add’t Casting: Sax Carr

Aerial cinematography by Cinechopper (
Thanks Aaron Sorensen and Chris Newman!


Score: Casey Edwards

Sound Design: Kevin Senzaki

Visual Effects: Sam Gorski, Niko Pueringer, Wren Weichman, Jon Enge, Kevin Commerford

Behind-The-Scenes: Brooke Shedd, Jon Enge


Special Thanks: Ricky Ray Butler & Plaid Social Labs, Community of Provo, UT

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