Guardiola aware that only the treble is a successful season

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Bayern Munich head coach Pep Guardiola on Monday (4th March) gave a lengthy defence of his record at the club and said winning the UEFA Champions League was "not easy" ahead of their quarter-final first leg against Benfica on Tuesday (5th March)

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"All people at Bayern Munich, all football people from the president to middle people want to win the treble, but Barcelona want to win the treble, in Madrid too. I have learnt here that if we don't win the treble my task here is not complete, it's not enough and I have accepted it's my problem. I can't put it to the side, I have it here (points to shoulders), I have accepted it from the first day, the first press conference here until the last moment. I think every day about winning the next game. We have arrived at the knockout stage in every year and we can create through me, my players, my head, we have all to make it happen. You have to do all, all business, always continue with the aim, absolutely yes. But we must not forget Bayern Munich is one of the best teams in the world, but in the last 40 years we've won the Champions League twice, so once in every twenty years. So does that say that Bayern Munich are bad? No, that says it's not easy, it's not easy, the other teams are good too. Benfica, tomorrow in the Allianz Arena it will show how good Benfica is. Tomorrow we will try with the players, all the middle men, with the president and Uli Hoeness and Mathias Sammer want to continue, try to win the Champions League, but it's not easy, so that is my opinion."

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