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Salavat Fidai is an artist from Russia who sreates miniature sculptures on pencil tips.

Salavat worked as a lawyer more than 25 years but in 2013 he started to work as an artist.

He began doing art with a digital photography, focusing on photographs of fruits and vegetables.
In 2014, Fidai started making miniature paintings on matchboxes, pumpkin and sunflower seeds and rice grains. After that he began sculpting miniature figures out of pencil graphite.

Salavat Fidai spends from six till twelve hours to produce a sculpture and difficult works take from two to three days. For creating pencil sculptures Salavat uses a craft knife and a stereo microscope. At first, he used jumbo pencils with a graphite diameter of 5mm but now he works with lead between 0.5 and 2mm in diameter. He made pencil sculptures of movies and cartoons characters, animals, musical instruments, pop culture objects, household items, famous architectural objects and more.

Salavat Fidai had exhibitions in London, Singapore, Los Angeles, Sharjah, and Saint Petersburg.

Watch an amazing compilation of his works and you will be totally impressed!


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