Using only ONE COLOR to Trick Your Best Friends! Rebecca Zamolo

Using only ONE COLOR to Trick Your Best Friends! Rebecca Zamolo

Rebecca tricks Maddie by dying her hair pink!

Rebecca Zamolo created the hot vs cold challenge as a cheerleader girl on fire vs icy girl to to trick Daniel who is among us. Matt and Rebecca then decided to take off mask for face reveal or truth. I spent 24 hours duct taped to RHS. The Game master network uploaded a clown broke into our house in an extreme hide and seek challenge. Now, Rebecca and her best friends are home alone in real life and decide to trick each other for 24 hours. The best trick wins a secret meeting with Mr. nice guy to retrieve the mystery device. Matt starts it off by scaring the girls by pretending to be a bush. Rebecca and Maddie do the shampoo trick on Matt and he is colored in blue and pink paint. Rebecca gets mad at Maddie when the truth is revealed that she dyed her hair blue in the hot vs cold cheerleader challenge. Rebecca tricks Matt by doing the best magic trick on him but instead gets lipstick on his face. Do you think that this might turn into a hot vs cold challenge like the cheerleader girl on fire vs icy girl? Matt thinks he is the trick king but keeps failing kind of like a fails compilation. Who do you think did the best diy trick at home with best friends? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2020!

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