Enchanting Abandoned 17th-Century Chateau in France (Entirely frozen in time for 26 years)

Enchanting Abandoned 17th-Century Chateau in France (Entirely frozen in time for 26 years)

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Believe it or not... the place you're about to see has been abandoned before I was born. You're about to watch one of my most special and precious explores to date, as I will time warp you back to a bourgeois era gone by donkey's years ago. Deep inside the forests of rural France, lies a mystic beauty that has its roots in the 12th century. Time has forgotten about this ancient chateau, and so has the owner due to too prohibitive costs for the upkeep of this bewitching historical property. It's now nothing more than than a gallon of rotten milk, expired in 1994, never looked after anymore and a victim of neglect ever since.

Everywhere scattered around, we find valuable historical artifacts, impeccably interesting antique furniture, rooms frozen in time, and personal memories. With some help, I was able to digitalize a few old family photo negatives found inside. The end result is leaving me absolutely speechless.
Between these old negative, are the original marriage photos dating 1973 of the couple that once resides here: Count Mathieu and Countess Helene. We can gradually see how they were prepared for the big day in their lives. On top of that, we find other precious memories of which we will not disclose too much sensitive information.

Today is the day, I will wake up this castle, that has been dormant for decades on end, and together, we'll bring it back to life, once again. The floors are a ticking timebomb and it will not last a coon's age until most of them will be leveled to the ground, solely leaving this castle a desolate ruin. That's why I'm creating a visual memory of this outstanding historical French landmark before another piece of history will be gone forever. Together we'll be one of the very last people to appreciate this place once again and give this exalted place the recognition it always deserved, but nonetheless never received any earlier.

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Abandoned France: Enchanting Abandoned 17th-Century French Chateau (Entirely frozen in time for 26 years)
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