SpaceX Raptor 2 Engine #74 Delivered | Starship Boca Chica

SpaceX Raptor 2 Engine #74 Delivered | Starship Boca Chica

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Raptor engine 74 was delivered and hauled into the tents as SpaceX prepares for static fire testing. Meanwhile, large amounts of methane continue to be delivered and Ship 25's nosecone tiles look almost complete.

Video and Pictures from Mary (@BocaChicaGal) and Nic (@nicansuini). Edited by Brady (@TheFavoritist).

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0:00 The Launch Site
0:42 Large Amount of Methane Delivered
1:10 Booster 4 and Starhopper
1:54 More Methane Delivered
4:04 Plumbing Work at the Orbital Tank Farm
4:26 Crews Remove a Strainer
5:30 Orbital Launch Mount
6:08 Suborbital Pad A
6:51 The Rocket Garden
7:08 Ship 25’s Nosecone Tiles Almost Complete
7:57 Booster 7 in the Mega Bay
8:13 Ship 16 Remnants at the Production Site
8:58 Ship 16’s Aft Flaps Move in the Wind
9:23 Barrel Section Moved Into Tent 1
9:58 New Raptor 2 Engine Delivered
10:17 Barrel Section Moved Outside Again
10:38 Water Pumped Away After Morning Rain
11:16 SPMTs Leave Starbase