HOW TO BUY & SELL in the FIFA Mobile Market TO MAKE MILLIONS - 6x your investment

HOW TO BUY & SELL in the FIFA Mobile Market TO MAKE MILLIONS - 6x your investment

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THIS IS A FOLLOW-UP TO MY ORIGINAL VIDEO about farming the market with Silver Players. Once you've mastered the techniques in Video 1 ( this new technique will take your farming to the next level. This videos long, but I basically use it as a chance to try some new standup material while buying and selling players on the market. Ya know, beating two birds to death with the same rock. Hopefully it's entertaining.

This is a quick and easy tactic for making quick millions in FIFA Mobile. Everyone asks how I always have millions in coins and can upgrade my team so quick and easy - here's how....

QUICK and INTELLIGENT Market Farming that requires little to no knowledge about player value. Watch me turn 50,000 coins into 300,000 coins in less than 20 minutes.

Like my other videos, this is one requires a bit of pop culture saavy to truly enjoy my bizarre sense of humor...

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