10 Actors Who Auditioned For Stranger Things But Were Rejected

10 Actors Who Auditioned For Stranger Things But Were Rejected

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Stranger Things has quickly become one of Netflix’s and TV's biggest hits. With its 80s nostalgia and ability to capture an audience of any age, there’s nothing the scifi show can’t do. But - getting to the point of success didn’t come without its low points - including a lot of rejection for the actors and the Duffer Brothers themselves.

Casting for a show like Stranger Things involved months of research, preparations, and auditions that in this case left over one thousand actors with no call backs, no offers, or just flat out rejections.

Ready to find out why actors like Noah Schnapp and Joe Keery didn’t almost make the cut or how Sean Astin's audition tape completely changed the casting crews tactics. Auditions for Stranger Things were just as - if not more- intense than taking a trip to the upside down to save Will.

Did you know we were this close to not having David Harbour and Winona Ryder as our Hopper and Joyce, these two actors weren’t anywhere on the Duffer Brothers radar. The expectations for a Stranger Things audition tape were through the roof, just ask Dacre Montgomery! Some actors even lied their way to the top which almost cost them their reputation and the Stranger Things roll.

Luckily things worked out in the end, but it was a rollercoaster getting there for many involved. What audition story was your favorite? Do you know of any other actors who auditioned for Stranger Things? Let us know in the comment section below. Thanks for watching!

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0:00 - 0:35 Intro
0:35 - 1:06 Skylar Gaertner
1:06 - 1:32 Eli Tokash
1:32 - 2:09 Noah Schnapp
2:09 - 2:49 Joe Keery
2:49 - 3:32 Sean Astin
3:32 - 4:33 The Audition Process
4:33 - 5:24 Winona Ryder
5:24 - 6:14 David Harbour
6:14 - 7:02 Sadie Sink
7:02 - 7:46 Dacre Montgomery
7:46 - 8:04 Outro

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Written by: Alyssa Goulart
Narrated by: Kydra Ryan
Edited by: Olena L

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