The Cake Boss Reveals His Lobster Tail Recipe | Cool Cakes 11
play The Cake Boss Reveals His Lobster Tail Recipe | Cool Cakes 11


The Cake Boss Reveals His Lobster Tail Recipe | Cool Cakes 11

Published by : Cakehouse
The Cake Boss Buddy Valastro and his youngest son Carlo reveal their secret family lobster tail recipe and techniques. Click SHOW MORE for full recipe.


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Lobster Tail Recipe

Lobster Tail Dough:

Yield: 32 pieces lobster tails

8.75 cups all purpose flour
2.5 cups water
1 tbsp kosher salt
3 to 4 cups shortening, vegetable

Place flour, water, and salt into a stand mixer with a dough hook, mix on low speed until a uniform dough is formed (15-20 min).
Lightly flour your work surface and place dough on it.
Roll the dough as thin as possible ( you can use a pasta machine) by hand and evenly across the table
Roll dough onto rolling pin and get set up for stretching.
Place dough in front and work beneath the dough and stretching it to transparent. (dough may tear a little, its ok, but not to much)
Beginning from the top, smear shortening over dough, start small and roll up the dough while stretching it out.
continue to roll it up until you have a 2 inch diameter and 3-4 feet wide roll. Smear shortening over entire roll.
Allow to rest 1.5-2.5 hours or covered overnight.
Allow to come up to room temp and stretch the dough to even out the roll and shrink the pieces down.
cut 4 inches off each end , then cut 3/4 inch slices of the roll to get the shell.
Lobster tail puff batter

1 cup water
6 tbsp unsalted butter
1/8 tsp kosher salt
1 cup AP flour
4 ex-large eggs

Place water, butter, and salt into a pot and bring to a boil over high heat, add flour and continue to stir until a uniform soft dough is formed. No visible flour lumps should be present after cooking about 2 min. Transfer dough to mixer bowl fitted with paddle attachment. Turn on high and allow steam to reside. Once steam stops, but dough is still warm, add eggs one at a time allow each egg to absorb into the dough, scrape in between additions. Once all eggs are added, scrape again, and get ready to use with lobster tails.

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