China's Economic Rise—End of the Road

China's Economic Rise—End of the Road

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CFR scholars and experts from think tanks and academia examine China’s domestic transformation and how the country’s demographic trends, COVID policies, and economic prowess have affected its rise and sustainability as a global power.

Yuen Yuen Ang
Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Michigan; Author, How China Escaped the Poverty Trap and China’s Gilded Age: The Paradox of Economic Boom and Vast Corruption

Ian Johnson
Stephen A. Schwarzman Senior Fellow for China Studies, Council on Foreign Relations

Scott Rozelle
Helen F. Farnsworth Senior Fellow and Co-director of the Rural Education Action Program, Stanford University’s Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies; Author, Invisible China: How the Urban-Rural Divide Threatens China’s Rise

Rana Foroohar
Global Business Columnist and Associate Editor, Financial Times

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