Sydney Ideas – 2022 federal election series: Part 1

Sydney Ideas – 2022 federal election series: Part 1

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In the lead up to the federal election, as the parties vie for voter’s attention, Sydney Ideas brings together a panel of experts to examine some of the key policy issues that are shaping this election, such as the economy, climate change, and more.

– Professor Anika Gauja, Australian politics specialist
– Antony Green, ABC's Chief Election Analyst
– Associate Professor Elizabeth Hill, political economist
– Professor Duncan Ivison, political philosopher
– Kishor Napier-Raman, politics reporter for Crikey
– Moderator: Fran Kelly, journalist and political correspondent

The recording for this podcast is from a live Sydney Ideas event, presented in collaboration with School of Social and Political Sciences, on Thursday 28 April, 2022.

This event is the first part of our 2022 federal election series. Stayed tuned for Part 2, after the election.

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