A Mysterious Journey to the End of Space

A Mysterious Journey to the End of Space

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Does the Universe have an edge? Where does space end? And what's beyond that point? The truth is we don’t know it. Not yet anyway. So let's imagine what a journey to the end of space would be like! Okay, year 2236. Space exploration is flourishing, and astronauts are the most respected professionals in the Solar System. Yet despite all technological advances, no sign of extraterrestrial life has been observed. Or rather, wasn’t… until two years ago.

The GSA — Global Space Agency — registered a repeating signal like no other. It was coming from a galaxy billions of light years away and moving. The decision was made to construct a one-of-a-kind spaceship, exceeding the speed of light, to explore the signal. But to reach its full speed, it has to be piloted manually. And these four individuals are now going on board the ship for the most important mission in history… perhaps never to come back.

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