iOS 15 Child Safety — The Ugly Truth About Photo Scanning

iOS 15 Child Safety — The Ugly Truth About Photo Scanning

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Apple’s new child safety features coming to the iPhone, iPad, and Mac with iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and macOS Monterey: Siri and Search intervention. Communication Safety in Messages. Child Exploitation Image detection for iCloud Photo Library — Explained!

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00:00 - Apple Child Safety features
01:01 - What are the new Child Safety features?
02:11 - When and where are the Child Safety features coming?
02:22 - Will Child Safety features expand to other regions?
02:35 - What are the objections to Child Safety features?
03:23 - How does the Siri & Search feature work?
04:05 - Are the Siri & Search queries reported to Apple?
04:22 - How does the Communication Safety feature work?
07:20 - Does Communication Safety break end-to-end encryption?
08:40 - Does Communication Safety block messages?
09:11 - Does Communication Safety report back to Apple?
09:51 - Can Communication Safety be abused?
11:54 - Why is Apple doing Image Detection?
13:56 - How does Image Detection work?
20:55 - Is Image Detection a backdoor into iOS?
21:56 - Doesn’t Apple already scan iCloud?
22:09 - Is Apple going to start scanning all images?
25:06 - Can’t Apple do image scanning on iCloud?
27:15 - Can’t Apple do hash-matching on iCloud?
27:58 - Can you turn off Image Detection?
28:24 - Can you use Google Photos or Dropbox instead?
28:49 - Can you switch to local backups?
29:05 - Will baby bath images be detected?
29:23 - Are any new images detected?
30:08 - Will Image Detection be more reliable than App Review?
31:46 - Can Apple detect other types of images?
34:42 - Can the Image Hash Database be hacked?
35:56 - Can governments force more Image Detection?
37:22 - Won’t Image Detection encourage government demands?
38:03 - What if Apple caves to government pressure?
39:06 - What happened to privacy is a human right?
41:30 - Is Apple being forced to do this, because laws?
41:53 - Is Apple trying to prevent anti-encryption laws?
42:23 - Is Apple caving to media or special interest groups?
42:38 - Is Apple doing this so they can turn on iCloud Backup encryption?
43:21 - How can you send feedback to Apple?


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