Creepy prophets, 100 years old: “Three days and three nights of darkness''.  Is it a Prank or not ?

Creepy prophets, 100 years old: “Three days and three nights of darkness''. Is it a Prank or not ?

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Hello friends, in today's documentary we will talk about:
AWFUL prophets, 100 years old: “Three days and three nights of darkness. The earth, a huge CEMETERY ”. Fool like in 2014, or does it have a scientific explanation?

German Benedictine Father Ellerhorst laid down on paper the prophecies of a peasant endowed with the ability to foresee. The work was published in 1922, and we can read the following terrible prophecies.
The visionary sees a long road, but also wide on both sides watches soldiers; at the side of the road can be seen men, women, old people, children, next to them a guillotine with two executioners; the blood of countless severed heads flows in waves.
• Political riots during which many people are imprisoned and executed. Refuge in the mountains and crowds at pawnshops.
• The city of Paris is set on fire and destroyed; Marseilles will sink into a chasm that has formed around the city and will be covered by a high tide.
• The massacre in Rome, a pile of corpses. The pope flees with two cardinals with an old cart to Genoa.
• The misfortune will come unexpectedly from Russia.
• Germany will be affected first, then France, Italy and England.
• General catastrophe and great famine; even bark will be ground to obtain flour; the grass on the meadows will also be used as food.
• Areas close to the Rhine will be destroyed.
• It will be dark for three days and three nights. It starts with a terrible thunder or an earthquake. No fire will burn. People will not be able to eat or sleep, only to pray. Only holy candles will burn. Lightning will enter people's homes. Earthquakes and water earthquakes. Some will call on Jesus Christ and Mary, others will curse. Sulfurous fumes and stench will fill the air.
• A cross appears in the sky as at the beginning of history. That means the end of darkness. The earth is deserted like a huge cemetery. Frighten people out of the houses. The dead are gathered like fruit and laid in common pits. There is peace on the streets and no cars work in the factories, because no one is there.
• The pope comes to Cologne where he consecrates in the Dom the new emperor whose head and hands are anointed. He receives through a long palos the title of knight, then the old imperial crown, the white cape with the golden lily on it, the scepter and the imperial apple. He changes the scepter on a cross, swears allegiance to the church, and promises protection.
• The goods are distributed to the survivors. Many move to the most heavily depopulated areas. People come down from the mountains to live in the plains where work is not so hard.
• Survivors are holy people. The earth turns into paradise.
There is a kind of invisible thread between these visions and prophecies that links the vision of Pope Leo XIII to the miracle of Fatima and the prophecy of Marie-Julie Jahenny, who bore the "stigmata of Christ."
The prophecy of the three days of darkness is also part of this unseen net. The first to talk about the coming days of urgency was the Italian Anna Maria Taigi (1769–1837), whom the Catholic Church passed among the happy.
"All the enemies of the Church will perish on the whole earth"
"There will be intense darkness all over the earth, lasting three days and three nights. Nothing will be seen, and the air will be loaded with a plague that will hit, mainly, but not only, the enemies of religion. In this darkness it will be impossible to use any artificial light except blessed candles.
The one who, out of curiosity, will open the window to look outside or leave his house, will fall dead on the spot. During these three days, people should stay in their homes, recite the Rosary, and pray to God for mercy. All the enemies of the Church, whether known or unknown, will perish throughout the earth during the universal darkness, except for a few whom God will soon convert. The air will be infected by demons that will appear in all sorts of hideous forms.
There is more information about Anna Maria Taigi that she had the gift of clairvoyance. It seems that he successfully predicted that Bartolomeo Alberto Cappellari would be elected Pope under the name of. Before Pius VIII died, Sister Anna Maria and Monsignor Natali went to San Paolo fuori le Mura. When Cardinal Cappellari arrived, they were in a small chapel that the monsignor tried to set free for the cardinal. Sister Anna Maria did not leave. The cardinal told the monsignor not to bother her, so the monsignor did elsewhere. When, after a while, the monsignor asked her why she was staring at the cardinal, she answered without hesitation: "This is the future pope."