Cruise Line Updates Regarding Seattle Jamaica Virgin Voyages Viking Cruises San Juan and Pickle Ball

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Cruise Line Updates Regarding Seattle Jamaica Virgin Voyages Viking Cruises San Juan and Pickle Ball The Alaska Cruise season is about to begin and Seattle is ready to recieve a record number of cruisers. Last year over 1 million passengers and their luggage came through town and brought lots of cash to spend in the area. Hotels, airports, rental car agencies, restaurants and all those
Starbucks locations welcomed the tourists with open arms. The new Norwegian Bliss will make Seattle it's home for the summer season and 4000 passengers a week will climb onboard this new ship and enjoy all of it's new features. Jamaica has just set a new record for tourist visits, but the country remains under a state of emergency. Cruise passengers can only visit private isolated ports with armed security guards present as the large cities and the countryside is too unstable for visitors. Virgin Voyages meanwhile has had to stop accepting $500 cruise deposits for it's first ship out of Miami in 2020 due to demand. The cruise line will focus all of it's energies towards a younger aged crowd but not allow anyone under 18 to board. The demographic seems to be 25 to 50. Lots of activities are planned for each cruise out of Miami to the Caribbean. Viking Cruises has a sale on right now for those passengers who enjoy a quiete cruise. You can get free airfare to the ship from all major airports in the US plus a few from Canada if you reserve an 8 day cruise in the caribbean for Nov 2018. These cruises depart from San Juan Puerto Rico and that might explain why there is a deal offered for these cruises. San Juan is still in a fragile state from the Hurricanes last fall and flights in and out are dicey. Attention all Pickle Ball Players! Holland America, Princess, and Regent Cruises have installed Pickle Ball courts onnboard their ships and within 2 years almost all cruise lines will have pickle ball onboard. It is becoming a very popular sport among the 50 and older crowd.
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Pickle Ball is Coming To a Cruise Ship Near You Cruise Line Updates Regarding Seattle Jamaica Virgin Voyages Viking Cruises San Juan and Pickle Ball Norwegian Bliss will make Seattle it's home pickle ball holland america seattle norwegian bliss virgin voyages miami pickle ball princess cruises