The Truth About Lebron James Marriage 2018
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The Truth About Lebron James Marriage 2018

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LeBron James and Savannah Brinson met in Akron Ohio when they were both high school students. Lebron was King james in the making while being the star of his basketball team. Savannah was a year younger, a cheerleader, and a participant on her school's softball team.
After a short courtship, she found she was pregnant with their eldest son, Lebron Jr., during her senior year of high school. The timing of the unplanned pregnancy could not have come at a worse time, since James was just starting his rookie year with the Cleveland Cavaliers. "I was really fearful. I was bawling. But he stated,'It is not going to slow me down, and it's not likely to slow you down. We are going to continue doing what we have to do,'" she recalled to Harper's Bazaar.

And he was right -- his profession only accelerated from there on. He played for the cavaliers from 2003-2010 until he took his talents to south beach for 4 years. and won 2 championships in 4 years. Lebron James then return to Cleveland for 4 years and won a championship in 2016. In July 2018 Lebron made the decision to sign with the Los Angeles lakers. Moving is family to hollywood. With every move he's made, Savannah was a continuous, devoted fixture in his life and career. Savannah Brinson became Lebron James Wife in 2013.

They are now married with 3 Kids. kids Bryce,daughter Zhuri and Lebron Jr.

They seem to have an unconventional relationship. In their residence life catering to the self-proclaimed King James. to rumors he may have a thing for messaging arbitrary women. the truth about LeBron James' marriage.

The Truth About Lebron James Marriage