A Very In Depth 2022 Game Room Tour

A Very In Depth 2022 Game Room Tour

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By popular demand, I present to you all my full game room tour! Enjoy the long and in depth tour of my game room, collections and memorabilia. As you will soon learn, games are "very cool".

► Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/blinkoom
► Twitter: https://twitter.com/Blinkoom

I'm on two! You can find them here:
► Polykill Podcast: https://polymedianetwork.com/podcast
► IndieQuest: http://polymedianetwork.com/indiequest

Thanks to some of the artists used in the background music:
► "Madra Mania" (fxsnowy / https://ocremix.org)
► "Clubbed Baby VVVVVVeal" (Danny Baranowski / https://ocremix.org)
► "Roads to Everywhere" (Argle / https://ocremix.org)
► "BITE" (Benjamin Briggs / https://ocremix.org)
► "Swing on Love" (Jason Heine / https://www.heinehouse.com/)
► "I Appreciate the Follow" (Jason Heine / https://www.heinehouse.com/)
► "Serenity and Grace" (timaeus222 / https://ocremix.org)

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