8 Coolest Things On Amazon UNDER $20
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8 Coolest Things On Amazon UNDER $20

Published by : The Future Is Now
Get ready for an awesome showcasing of 8 exceptionally cool things you weren't expecting to see on Amazon. These gadgets and gear are both totally amazing and completely affordable. Everything in today's video is listed for under $20. Enjoy the show, Gang!
0:09 - PPK Rubber Band Gun - amzn.to/2pOFt5Y
1:14 - Flashflight Flying Disc - amzn.to/2pOH368
2:16 - Swiss+Tech 9-in-1 - amzn.to/2q7ZoOl
3:02 - Drop Stop Gap Filler - amzn.to/2q7XCww
4:19 - Luminoodle - amzn.to/2qB0Eta
5:16 - HYDAWAY Collapsible - amzn.to/2q8enba
7:48 - MyKee Multi-Tool - amzn.to/2qMpeDI
9:21 - Howling Wolf Mask - amzn.to/2pOVwPg
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The 8 amazing amazon products featured in this video include: A handgun style rubber band gun, an awesome light-up disc that's perfect for summer fun, plus the most versatile tool that every driver should carry in their vehicle. Other gadgets include: The "Drop Stop" seat gap filler that prevents you from losing things in your car. Also a creative method for adding back-lighting your home television set, as well as the world's most travel-friendly collapsible cup. And wrapping up the video you'll see an extremely useful multi-tool key invention and the all-time greatest wolf mask you ever did see.
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Music Includes:
Griphop & Light Sting by Kevin MacLeod - incompetech.com/

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