Abandoned Luxembourgish CASTLE of a Generous Arabian Oil Sheik | They Never Returned!

Abandoned Luxembourgish CASTLE of a Generous Arabian Oil Sheik | They Never Returned!

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Today I take you to the landlocked country of Luxembourg. On top of the hill, is this picturesque castle, commanding a fine view of surrounding parts of the valley. This stunning building dates back to the late 19th century and is steeped in history. The building was constructed by Mr. Galois, who came from an important Luxembourgish family that was prominent in politics and industry in that time period. He was the head of the household and had thirteen children by two wives, and made this castle... the home of his family. As his children grew older and decided to live on their own, he and his wife at the time found the castle to be too voluminous and decided to turn it into a hotel and to live on a smaller scale. Ultimately, Mr. Galois died at the age of 64 and the castle was sold. This time not to a Luxembourg family, but to an Arab family who bought the property as a summer residence. The castle thus became the new property of a prosperous oil sheik and his family. Their Islamic faith is still reflected everywhere in their former holiday home by the day of today. But now comes the interesting part that we observed during our research. The last Arab owner of this property died in 2015. This is the exact year that the former king of Saudi Arabia died and we see this important person everywhere in photos spread throughout the property. It gets even crazier: the owner has exactly the same name as this former king of Saudi Arabia. However, further research refutes this theory: we then arrive at a FaceBook profile of the owner, of which we will not share much with respect for the next of kin. Here we find the heartbreaking reports of the loss of their loved one. After this sorrowing event, his family never returned from Saudi Arabia to visit their castle. Instead, I'm visiting it today to take you into the bewitching story of this Arabian family and give you a glimpse into their lives.

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Abandoned Luxembourg: Abandoned Luxembourgish CASTLE of a Generous Arabian Oil Sheik | They Never Returned!
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