The Biggest Problems with SUVs ▶ MUST WATCH

The Biggest Problems with SUVs ▶ MUST WATCH

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SUVs continue to grow in popularity. In fact, in 2020, people bought two times as many SUVs as cars. It’s no surprise, considering all that SUVs offer.
The sport utility vehicle, or SUV, is popular due to the number of features that they have. They are durable in snowy weather, have decent enough gas mileage and can fit a good number of passengers. Like the name it said, the SUV was originally used for transporting sporting equipment and to an extent, athletes. Nowadays, it is used by families and just about everyone. It is a popular vehicle to have.
Yet SUVs aren’t perfect. Here are some of the biggest problems with SUVs.

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The key points:
▶ SUVs are more likely to roll over than cars
▶ It can be harder to brake in a large SUV
▶ False advertising
▶ SUVs can be dangerous for other cars on the road
▶ Bad for the environment

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