Special Pathogens of Concern Situation Report: Monkeypox

Special Pathogens of Concern Situation Report: Monkeypox

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On the NETEC Special Pathogens of Concern Situation Report for May 16, 2022, Syra Madad, NETEC expert and infectious disease epidemiologist at NYC Health + Hospitals, shares 3 things you need to know about Monkeypox:

1. Monkeypox is a rare, pox-like viral disease that does not spread easily between people. Monkeypox is found mainly in Central and Western Africa and there are current sporadic cases reported in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Nigeria.

2. There have been imported cases of Monkeypox outside of Africa linked to international travel or imported animals over the last few years to countries like the United States, United Kingdom, Israel, and Singapore. Within the United States, two travel-associated human cases were confirmed in 2021.

3. As of May 16, 2022, the UK Health Security Agency has confirmed 7 cases of Monkeypox in England. The first case was diagnosed on May 7 in a traveler from Nigeria. Additional cases not linked to the May 7 case have been detected, and the public health investigation is ongoing. Overall, public health assessment of risk to the general public and international spread is low.

Learn more about Monkeypox and NETEC’s resources for health care workers at https://repository.netecweb.org/exhibits/show/monkeypox/monkeypox