Top 20 Creepy Videos of STRANGE THINGS & SCARY STUFF!

Top 20 Creepy Videos of STRANGE THINGS & SCARY STUFF!

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The scary videos on this creepy top 20 list have caught the scariest moments on camera for analysis. These weird things will freak you out like a live television broadcast gone wrong, paranormal investigations of “real” ghost sightings caught on tape, and even a ghost who attacks on a man in a haunted home. Crocodiles are leaping out of the water, strange noises and lights are in the sky, and more scary stuff to give you chills!

20) Derrick James Tempro: ("Verrazano bridge road deck and cables stretching and singing during the storm on November 30, 2020")
19) Xavier Schmidt: ("mysterious noise coming from the sky in the middle of the night")
18) Tammy Jackson: ("Ghost caught on ring cam 2019")
17) Flh 9392: ("Raining in one spot in brooklyn!")
16) Renville County Sheriff’s Office:
15) 7 News Brisbane:
14) m eicholzer: ("Orbs and spirit ghost mist caught on video")
13) @jayprehistoricpets:
12) stephen barcelo: ("Shanley Hotel Ghost cat By Stephen Barcelo")
11) R055: ("Tokyo Earthquake - Mori Tower 52nd Floor (11/3/2011)")
10) Robert Leonard: ("Fireball caught on New Hampshire home security camera")
9) TIGERTANKRALF & NUTCRACKER Let’s have fun!: ("Lake Garda Monster sighting 2018 - Raw footage")
8) @duaerk:
7) The Sun:
6) Planet Paranormal Investigations/Bob Davis: ("Queen Mary pool Female voice say's "Mommy who ist it"? and then "mom or Bob."")
5) Columbus Division of Police: ("Impersonating An Officer - Caught on Camera")
4) My world in okc: ("Orb! This was on my ring this morning.")
3) The Sun:
2) Stomper Dean: ("Creepy video shows moment ‘ghost tries to steal a workman’s ladder’ as it appears walk away on its own when he turns his back")
1) Pew Pew Kids: ("Zipper ride breaks down during ride.")


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