Biden Tries to Downplay Empty Shelves, Says He 'OUTPERFORMED' | The News & Why It Matters

Biden Tries to Downplay Empty Shelves, Says He 'OUTPERFORMED' | The News & Why It Matters

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On the one-year anniversary of President Biden taking office, he desperately tries to downplay inflation and the nation's empty shelves. Will people fall for it? A new poll shows that 45% of Democrats are okay with sending unvaccinated people to a "designated facility." England will end COVID restrictions this week, including mask mandates and vaccine passports. Is England now freer than the United States? And lastly, CNN is hiring a team to cover "misinformation."

Disclaimer: The content of this episode does not provide medical advice. Please seek the advice of local health officials for any COVID-19 and/or COVID vaccine-related questions & concerns.

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