People are mad Eminem's Daughter Hailie is Trending | #shorts

People are mad Eminem's Daughter Hailie is Trending | #shorts

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Eminem’s Daughter Haille is currently trending on Twitter
And people are not happy with it.
If you guys didn’t know, the number one thing people love to come at Eminem for when dissing him is to say something about his daughter.
We’ve seen Ja Rule say:
We seen MGK call her hot when she was 15
And now, The Game is being added to the list but he took it even further…
You guys remember how this years Superbowl had some Compton LEGENDS pop out to perform?
Apparently The Game was salty cuz Dr. Dre, who has mentored The Game is entire career, chose to bring 50 Cent to the Superbowl instead of him.
And while The Game was somewhat unhappy that he wasn’t invited for the one-off reunion, he also had a problem with Eminem emerging from the Compton courthouse during his set.
A few months later, things began to heat up.
We saw him taking subtle shots such as saying he’s better than Eminem and will beat him in a Versuz battle.
And all of came back around full circle when he dropped a 10-minute Eminem diss-track called “The Black Slim Shady”,
Where he imitates his "Stan" flow and namedrops Hailie, Mariah Carey, Dr. Dre, 50 Cent and more.
But he didn’t stop there, he later went on Hailles instagram and started liking some of her photos like this one.
Many people feel like name dropping Haille was really unnecessary as she’s really just minding her own business, building her podcast, and living life.
I wanna remind you guys the game is 42 years old now
But comment what you guys think Eminem should do about this.
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