Are YOU charging your iPhone correctly?

Are YOU charging your iPhone correctly?

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Your iPhone battery is a pretty impressive piece of technology, but are you charging it wrong? CAN you charge it wrong? Or are all iPhone battery tips just myths? In this video, I'll explore 10 claims related to charging your iPhone battery, to see if you should worry about them or not.

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0:00 - Intro
0:39 - Charging overnight is bad for the battery
2:10 - You shouldn't charge your phone under your pillow
3:27 - The cable you're using doesn't matter
4:31 - You should fully discharge your battery before each charge
5:27 - You should charge using Airplane mode
7:13 - Batteries have a 'memory'
8:43 - You should use Low Power mode all the time
10:00 - You can save battery by closing apps
11:43 - You shouldn't use your phone while it's charging
12:31 - Fast charging kills your battery
15:03 - End