Finland is ready to apply for NATO membership and Alexander de Croo will support

Finland is ready to apply for NATO membership and Alexander de Croo will support

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How would Belgium react if Finland would apply to be part of NATO? Being a member of NATO is a choice that a country should be able to do in a sovereign way. And that has always been our opinion and that is what has happened after the fall of the Berlin wall; countries at some point looked at NATO and saw that NATO was an haven of peace, stability, international cooperation. If Finland would decide so, it is an honest choice that Finland can take, and if they want to be part of this club, I would say they're very welcome, but it's a choice that should be able to made in an autonomous way without any external pressure from the NATO side, but certainly also without an external pressure from the Russian side.
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That's not for me to judge. But, at the NATO side, who would not accept that if such an application would come that it would lead to an escalation. Any country should be able to decide on its own, and that's definitely the case for Finland.

Foreign and Finnish foreign and security policy sources say that democracies have since been preparing for war in Europe. Under Easter 2021, the U.S. Commander of European Forces raised American readiness from immediate military crisis readiness to immediate crisis readiness. It was a reaction to troop transfers ordered by Russian President Vladimir Putin .
In complete silence, the Finnish leadership and defense forces stepped up their readiness to respond to Russia's war of aggression in Ukraine, which would have immediately escalated tensions across Europe.

Europe is in danger for weeks – Russia's invasion of Ukraine would throw Finland into a devilish place.

The Finnish state leadership was silent about the threat of war. The President and Prime Minister of the Republic did not want to increase the unrest of the Finns in a situation where coronary fatigue tore the internal dividing lines of society.

Niinistö discussed the situation in Russia and Ukraine with German Chancellor Angela Merkel , among others.

The war did not break out at the time, but Russia had begun preparing for the attack. It had practiced forming an offensive army. At no point were all the attacking forces withdrawn from the vicinity of Ukraine.

In the early winter of 2021, the Americans began to turn to Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Finland received up-to-date intelligence, and Niinistö had a telephone conversation with Biden in December. He justified his solution by focusing on the threat of war in Ukraine, which aroused little surprise.

In his New Year's speech, Niinistö estimates that Finland's foreign and security policy line has been built to withstand even difficult times. The statement was followed by three interesting sentences.

“In a fast-paced world, it is even more valuable to know when to hurry, when to grind. National security, sovereignty and freedom of movement are just as valuable to the small as they are to the large. By taking care of them, Finland's international position is defended at the same time, ”Niinistö emphasized.

Although Niinistö has always emphasized the importance of dialogue, he no longer believed that it alone would bring about a change in reality.

“Hope should be maintained, but wishful thinking alone should not be succumbed to. The teachings of Henry Kissinger also come to mind during these times. According to his cynical statement, when avoiding war has been the top goal of some states, the international system has been at the mercy of its most ruthless member. This, too, may be measured in the dialogue that begins in the second week of January, “Niinistö said in his speech.

One piece was the strengthening of the Russian idea that Finland would apply for NATO membership, which would force Russia to attack Ukraine.

This was an attempt to maintain diplomatic pressure. It was Finland's response to the Kremlin's extension of its claims to Finland at the turn of the year.

we decide. The NATO issue is the so-called open door policy, the continuation of which has been repeatedly confirmed to Finland, ”Niinistö emphasized.

Biden had said in a December call that the door would be open.

As we know, Putin was not persuaded by stick diplomacy. It did not matter to the dictator whether the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline would collapse or whether Finland would apply for NATO membership.

Russia invaded Ukraine early on Thursday, February 24th. At the same time, the Finnish leadership confirmed that it was time to prepare for NATO membership.

Immediately over the weekend, the Prime Minister's Cabinet decided that next week's joint party leaders' meeting would be turned into a foreign and security policy review. “The security environment has changed and the parties need to go through the way this debate is conducted in Finland together,” Marin said. #eudebates