Ukraine Russia War: What You Need to Know (Day 77)

Ukraine Russia War: What You Need to Know (Day 77)

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In his Victory Day speech, Putin talked about neo-Nazis conspiring against Russia and an unacceptable NATO military buildup around the country. But he did not repeat the threat of a nuclear war. Why is that and what else may one conclude from his speech? An expert briefing with:
Dr. Stefan Meister
Head, International Order and Democracy Program, DGAP

Dr. Liana Fix
Head, International Program, Körber-Stiftung

Dr. András Rácz
Associate Fellow, Security and Defense Program, DGAP

Dr. Henning Hoff
Executive Editor, Internationale Politik Quarterly

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00:00 State of affairs (Henning Hoff)
02:19 Victory Day speech analyzed (Stefan Meister)
11:49 Reactions to the speech (Liana Fix)
30:12 Military situation (András Rácz)
41:12 Answers to questions