METALLICA “One” - 2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins) HARP METAL
play METALLICA “One” - 2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins) HARP METAL

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METALLICA “One” - 2 Girls 1 Harp (Harp Twins) HARP METAL

Published by : Camille and Kennerly
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For as long as we can remember, we have wanted to create an arrangement where we would both play on the same harp, at the same time. However, we didn’t want to arbitrarily choose a song, so we put it on the back-burner. One day C went up to K and said “I know what song we should play on one harp!” K immediately replied: “One!” So we knew it was meant to be. :D :D We started working on the logistics – which ended up being more complicated than we expected. K had to learn how to play backwards (quite a mind teaser) and C had to figure out how to change the pedals for BOTH of our completely different parts. (The pedals change the pitches of the strings – allowing us to change keys or get accidentals) We wanted to utilize the soundboard for percussion, so we started incorporating percussion into C’s part. We wanted to create some percussion for K’s part, but because she was playing backward, she couldn’t reach the soundboard with her hands. So, we invented the technique of kicking the harp with the instep of the foot. People are often concerned that we’re damaging the harp, but the harp is much stronger than our feet! (Even though we’re 3rd degree black belts in Tae Kwon Do!) K actually split her foot open while rehearsing this piece and we didn’t notice until there was blood streaming down the soundboard of the harp. Drawing blood made our interpretation even more metal, though. ;) ;) It was fun to invent new ways to play the harp for this arrangement. We are literally re-inventing our instrument! We LOVE playing this arrangement at our live shows. And yes, what we’re playing in the video and what you’re hearing is real. No backtracks or overlays. We hope you enjoy listening/watching as much as we enjoy playing!

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Music Arranged by Camille and Kennerly
Music Produced by Camille and Kennerly
Music Mastered by Kevin Bartlett
Video Concept by Camille and Kennerly
Video Edited by Camille and Kennerly
Costuming by Camille and Kennerly
Custom red jackets by Rachel Hitt
Custom jacket buttons and trim by us and our mom

Camille and Kennerly obtained licensing from the original publisher to release their harp audio recording of “One” as heard in this original music video.

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