One on one soldier Tug of War, Canada vs USA

One on one soldier Tug of War, Canada vs USA

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Prior to the departure of 31 Canadian Brigade Group (31 CBG) personnel from Camp Atterbury, Indiana, Canadian soldiers observed US National Guard soldiers playing an interesting version of the game Tug of War. 31 CBG soldiers were fascinated by the spectacle and cheered on the competitors. Finally, one young Canadian soldier dared to challenge the hometown crowd, and put national pride on the line. In this video, Master Corporal John Celestino of the Windsor Regiment (left), participates in a game of Tug of War with a US National Guard soldier (right). This version of the game builds esprit de corps and really works the leg muscles...just ask Master Corporal Celestino!

Nearly 300 reserve soldiers from 31 Canadian Brigade Group, the formation of army units in South-western Ontario, trained at the Indiana National Guard training centers at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center (near Edinburgh, Indiana) and Muscatatuck Urban Training Center (near Butlerville, Indiana) from March 10 to 17, 2012. The exercise began with preparation training at Camp Atterbury Joint Maneuver Training Center, leading to a large-scale helicopter deployment and ground assault at the Muscatatuck Urban Training Center.

Army Reservists train part-time throughout the year while maintaining civilian careers or attending school. Many took time off from work or studies to attend the exercise. Some on this exercise have served previously overseas, bringing a wealth of real-world experience to Exercise ARROWHEAD LIGHTNING 2012.

Video by Captain Tristan Hatfield, 31 Canadian Brigade Group Public Affairs.

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