MEAN GIRL SHAMES GOTH GIRL in Real Life to Stop Event

MEAN GIRL SHAMES GOTH GIRL in Real Life to Stop Event

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Is this Mean Girls in real life or the Event?

First, Rebecca Zamolo created 100 MYSTERY PHONES Only One Lets the PRISONER ESCAPE. Next Matt and Rebecca posted "100 Mystery Items to Drop from 60 ft Challenge." Finally the Game Master Network created "SNEAKING INTO Daniels Mind to Find MISSING PRISONER." Now in order to save the prisoner and stop the event Rebecca must join the mean girls in real life and become a plastic. Its just like mean girls. Maddie and Matt have to stay in character while Daniel sneaks in the computer system to get them out from being trapped. Do you think this plan will work or will Rebecca become a mean girl in real life and shame a goth girl? Thanks for watching my funny entertainment mystery vlog videos in 2021!

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