The M2 MacBook Pro and Nothing Phone are WEIRD

The M2 MacBook Pro and Nothing Phone are WEIRD

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This week Marques and Andrew discuss the new M2 MacBook Pro and try to figure out who exactly should buy it. After that, they dig go deep on the Nothing Phone 1 before finishing up with a new EV announcement that may or not be real. Plus, there's some good trivia in this one too so hopefully you're playing along and keeping score!

00:00 Intro
00:30 Who is the Apple M2 MacBook Pro for?
12:12 Trivia question one
12:50 Ad break
12:52 Nothing Phone discussion
31:29 Trivia question two
32:19 Ad break
32:21 Lightyear car
44:29 Trivia answers
49:30 Conclusion

Rene Ritchie M2 Macbook Pro review:
Nothing Phone video:
Verge M2 Macbook Pro article:
Lightyear Solar car:



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