Battle Against Bacteria: A Race Against The 'Superbug' | Disease Hunters | Part 2/3

Battle Against Bacteria: A Race Against The 'Superbug' | Disease Hunters | Part 2/3

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Humanity has been battling bacteria for centuries. Today, Tuberculosis still kills 1.5 million people yearly. The discovery of antibiotics revolutionised healthcare and saved countless lives. But as antibiotic-resistant “Superbugs” emerge, how do we stay one step ahead?

We look at how bacteria, which are crucial to human survival, can wreak havoc in our bodies; and how scientists in Singapore used genome sequencing to discover a new strain of food-borne bacteria.

We see how antibiotics were discovered and how evolution and over-usage are leading to resistance. This resistance makes the fight against the ongoing TB pandemic tougher. Singapore has kept TB under control for years but a multidrug resistant TB outbreak in 2012 served as a warning. The race to discover new antibiotics is urgent. While some look into odd places like cockroaches, researchers in Singapore are exploring bacteriophage and polymers that kill bacteria differently from antibiotics. Knowledge keeps us one step ahead.

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