Stranger Things Season 4 Without CGI

Stranger Things Season 4 Without CGI

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This video is for everyone who has wondered to themselves “how did they create that Demogorgon, anyway?” We’ll be answering that for you. We’ll even discuss how they choreographed the “Demo fight,” how Vecna was created, how Max owes Kate Bush her life, Steve’s dive into Water Gate, and the incredible one-take shootout scene in the Byers’ home. Stranger Things utilizes a lot of VFX in their production, but they also rely heavily on practical effects. Some of the make-up and prosthetics takes up to eight-and-a-half hours to apply! You’d be surprised how they get those broken bones on Vecna’s victims to look so authentic. We also dive deep into Millie Bobby Brown’s transformation into Eleven. How long does it actually take to apply a bald cap? And did you know that her bloody nose is the only reason she gets to call “action” on set? After watching this video, you’ll have a deep understanding of how this hardworking cast and crew built the stunning world of Hawkins, Indiana. So stick around– soon we’ll be exposing all of the upside down’s dirty secrets.


00:00 Intro
00:29 The Demogorgon
01:24 The Demo Fight
02:10 Vecna
02:49 Max’s Escape
03:20 Steve’s Dive
03:40 One Take
04:16 Broken Bones
04:58 Practical Effects Meet VFX
05:28 The Blood
06:01 Victor Creel
06:36 Turning Into Eleven
07:08 The Upside Down
07:52 Outro

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Written by: Ace Louzon
Narrated by: Zachary Goldberg
Edited by: V.Serhii

For copyright matters please contact us at: [email protected]