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Our First YouTube Video!
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We are so excited to finally launch our YouTube channel. We have been filming for the past few weeks and have some amazing videos to share! We will be posting every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 5PM CST so make sure you Subscribe and turn on those post notifications so you don't miss anything! This Sports Battle was a lot of fun to film so we hope you enjoyed watching it.

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Who is BroFive? Brodie Smith the Frisbee Champion, Stephen the Soccer Legend, Garrett the Stinger King, and Matt the backflip crazy guy make up BroFive.
Oh and I'm assuming we will be getting a lot of comments saying "Why are you called BroFive if you only have 4 people". Couple things to unpack here. 1) BroFive is like an alternate to High Five 2) You are the 5th member of BroFive. We plan on bringing a lot of guests on the channel and we want you guys to join in as much as possible. So leave comments about videos you liked, videos you want to see, and special guests you want on BroFive. We have so much stuff coming so stay tuned!

Edited by: Tanner Townsend

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