Amanda Palmer - Voicemail For Jill (Official Music Video)
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Amanda Palmer - Voicemail For Jill (Official Music Video)

Published by : Amanda Palmer
this is the “Voicemail For Jill“ official music video. song and video concept by amanda palmer. directed by amber sealey. featuring kate adams in the role of jill.

this video was independently funded by over 14,000 patrons at

the song itself is the second single from my new solo album THERE WILL BE NO INTERMISSION...offically out everywhere (and available on CD and double-vinyl) on march 8, 2019. international women's day, mofos.

to learn more about this song and video, go here: and go to NOW to learn everything about the ALBUM, the ARTBOOK and the global song & storytelling tour.

this video, my album, and all of the art i've been making over the last four years was funded by my patrons on patreon. people there support me, my staff, and my collaborators so we can draw a sustainable salary to MAKE ALL THE THINGS. come join to help me make MORE THINGS and get special merch, tour pre-sales, and all album news first for as little as $1/month.


Director - Amber Sealey
Cinematographer - Matt Crum
Producer - Stefanie Sparks
Producer - Jesse Epstein
Editor - Patrick Nelson Barnes
Colorist - Matt Crum
Jill - Kate Adams
The Man - Aaron Cantor

Office Workers:
Johnny Blazes
Nadya Volicer
Shardae Jobson
Mali Sastri
Steven Panzek
Jack Abramowitz

Mom in Elevator - Dalilah Rain
Child 1 - Nera Gray
Child 2 - Tova Pearl
Child 3 - Kieran Cole
Childcare Help - Amrita Kaur
Amanda Palmer as herself

Party Attendees:
Mae Cutrona
Nivi Nagiel
Zia Revere
Cayla Horsey
Jacquelyn Gianetti
Aimsel Ponti
Dianna Leigh
Jim Kernohan
Abby Wilson
Bailey Hein

Boston Citizens:
Katherine Bergeron
E. Stephen
Cricket Barretti-Sigal
Michael McComiskey
Valerie Stephens
Mr. Ed
Ocean Farinella
Marissa Monteiro
Rosalba Solis
Inès de la Cruz
Julianna Quiroz
Elizabeth Bebyn
Linda May Ellis
Ted Thomas
Danielle Pollock
Richard Sealey
Jesse Epstein
Rachel Jayson
Clare Collar
Asa Collar
Eileen Ryan
Robin Grammer
Kim Dawson & Child
Hayley Rosenblum

1st AC and DIT - Richard Hawke
2nd AD - Jen Padget
Set PA - Miriam Olken
PA Driver - Matt Melia
PA Driver - Anthony Flores
Still Photography - Hayley Rosenblum
Behind The Scenes Doc - James Holland
Gaffer - Chris Brown
Grip - Mitch Fortier
Catering - Cuisine En Locale

Office Location - Business District
Party Location - The Cloud Club

Amanda's Assistants:
Michael McComiskey
Hayley Rosenblum

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