Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business with $500

Starting a Mobile Car Detailing Business with $500

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A mobile detailing business is one of the best businesses you can start with little money and no experience. Today, we’ll hear from Kevin Lieu, owner of Slide In Mobile Detailing, and learn how he started his $12,500 per month car detailing business.

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Kevin sold insurance prior to becoming an entrepreneur. He started Slide In as a side hustle on the weekends, investing just $500 to get started. His business quickly blew up and he has since quit his day job to focus on his mobile car wash business full time, with an average revenue of between $10,000 and $12,000 every month.

In this video, we’ll get the inside scoop on what it takes to start a successful mobile car detailing business. We’ll learn how much it cost Kevin to get Slide In up and running, what equipment and tools you need to get started, and his strategies for building a customer base. Along with that, he’ll share how much it cost him to get started, and some advice for how to make the most of your investment if you’re starting with a limited budget.

Starting a mobile detailing business is just the first step, of course. We’ll see Kevin’s routines, systems, and day-to-day operations that have helped him grow his revenue. He’ll also share what software and tools he uses to manage the business and how those have contributed to his success.

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0:00 Intro
1:06 Meeting The Owner of Slide In Mobile Detailing
2:07 You Can Start NOW With Just $500
2:55 The Key To Growing Revenue Fast
4:16 The MUST-HAVES To Get Started
5:57 The Importance of Google Ads
6:50 Overcoming Struggles as a Business Owner
8:21 Tips on Finding The Right Products
9:38 Systems and Processes
11:14 Creating an Exceptional Customer Experience
11:52 Get Everything You Need Under $200
13:00 When It’s Time To Get a Rental Space
13:51 Blitz Time with Kevin!
15:41 What NOT To Buy
16:59 The Most Profitable Services
18:24 Tips on Building Brand Awareness
19:01 The Benefit of Monthly Subscription Plans
20:05 The Biggest Challenge Kevin Has Faced
21:07 Kevin’s #1 Product Supplier
22:12 How Kevin Stands Out Amongst Competitors
23:02 Let’s Talk Numbers!
23:45 Making It Easy For Customers
24:16 SEO Tips and Tricks
25:30 Growing The Team
26:09 What To Do During Slow Months
27:48 How To Attract Reliable Employees
28:35 Inside Look on Kevin’s Workload
29:05 The Importance of An Emailing List
30:10 The Employee Process
31:11 The Benefit of the BBB
32:12 The Biggest Mistake Kevin Made
33:21 One Thing Kevin Wishes He Knew
34:18 Tips and Tricks on Getting Reviews
35:27 How To Double Your Revenue
36:18 Advice for Entrepreneurs

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