Zelda Breath of the Wild (Zelda Mod) - Full Game Walkthrough

Zelda Breath of the Wild (Zelda Mod) - Full Game Walkthrough

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Zelda Breath of the Wild Full Game Walkthrough with No Commentary Switch Gameplay. This walkthrough is played as Zelda and includes all main quests, all bosses, cutscenes, final boss & ending. It's not 100% but not blind. We will do a lot shrines, collect Korok-Seeds and other quests.
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00:00:00 - The Great Plateau
01:19:11 - Way to Kakariko Village
02:48:40 - Way to Hateno Village
03:14:06 - Way to Rito Village
05:24:23 - Divine Beast Vah Medoh
05:53:42 - Way to Zora's Domain
07:48:00 - Divine Beast Vah Ruta
08:19:25 - Way to Goron City
09:18:49 - Divine Beast Vah Rudania
10:00:10 - Way to Lost Woods
10:26:14 - Lost Woods & Master Sword
10:41:02 - Way to Gerudo Town & Yiga Clan Hideout
11:51:30 - Divine Beast Vah Naboris
12:30:02 - Collecting Last Memories & Hyrule Castle
13:24:23 - Final Boss & Ending

►Download Mod: https://gamebanana.com/skins/179455

Yamgaming: Modelling, Texturing, Icons, Designer, Tireless Legend
Amiibolad: Modelling, Texturing, Icons, Designer, Start Menu Art, .sbactorpack editing
Raitera: Moderator Zelda’s Ballad Discord
NotheOtherNate: Text edits, Story Concept/Writer, Designer, Shield Placement Mod
Ashwee: Music Support, Special Thanks
Trollsquad057: Discord Owner, Special Thanks
mg76: Special Thanks – Amiibo outfits
Adryth: Bug testing and QA
Androo: .BNP help and start icons import
CookieCoder: Armor Descriptions
notmuhhoriz: Voice Mod
Inanna Jade: Voice Mod - Special Thanks
Mystixor: Special Thanks - Coding and Sbfres help
Maniman303: Mannequin fix help
Alice: Special Thanks – Discord Support
Ilikeyoshi: Special Thanks and Cheer
MarianCapuche: Contest Winner/Designer
Shadsterwolf: Tool Dev – BotW Unpacker
Qnando: Special Thanks
BravelyPeculiar: Tool Dev – .sbactorpack help
CraftyBoss: Switch Porting and Testing
Morgenstern: Emotional Support
Linkmaster2207: Special Thanks - Concept
Soulsapling: Special Thanks
Nintendo: Zelda Copyright Holders

►Game Information:
▪ Title: The Legend of Zelda - Breath of the Wild
▪ Developer: Nintendo
▪ Publisher: Nintendo
▪ Platform: Switch, Wii U
▪ Gerne: Action-adventure
▪ 25+ hours