Observing rare earth doped materials with cathodoluminescence

Observing rare earth doped materials with cathodoluminescence

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If you are working in the fields of optics, materials science, geology or life science, you might be familiar with unique optical properties of rare-earth doped materials. Because of these properties, these materials are employed for a large variety of applications.

One of the great techniques for studying rare-earth doped materials is cathodoluminescence imaging. In this webinar, we focus on the fundamentals of cathodoluminescence for rare-earth doped materials. We present some practical examples where cathodoluminescence imaging is applied to rare-earth doped materials in the fields of:

- optics/materials science (spectroscopic studies on materials in (nano)powder or nanostructured form)
- geology (studying geological samples such as zircons)
- life science (CL markers in biological sections)

Read more details about the SPARC on our website: https://www.delmic.com/sparc-cathodoluminescence-sem

To read more about the examples used in the webinar, download the application note on rare-earth doped materials from our website: https://request.delmic.com/rare-earth-doped-materials-application-note

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