CBC News: The National | Delta variant warnings, Efforts to help Afghans, At Issue

CBC News: The National | Delta variant warnings, Efforts to help Afghans, At Issue

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August 19, 2021 | The delta variant’s dominance prompts warnings from experts who say vaccination makes all the differences. Afghans in Canada ramp up efforts to help those stranded. Plus, At Issue breaks down the early days of the campaign and the role of the pandemic.
Correction: At 3:10 in this broadcast, Dr. Mike Nayak is incorrectly identified as Mark Nayak.

0:00 The National for Aug. 19, 2021
1:40 Vaccination key to avoiding the worst from delta variant, experts say
4:28 Growing COVID-19 outbreak in N.W.T
5:00 Ontario MPP kicked out of caucus for not being vaccinated
5:30 Toronto makes vaccines mandatory for city employees
6:10 Big campaign promises to improve affordability
8:13 Liberals promise $9 billion to long-term care sector
9:01 Community groups call for more action on gun violence in Montreal
10:50 Canada may be unable to get every eligible Afghan out of the country
11:28 Frustration, defiance inside Afghanistan
13:26 National youth soccer player fell to his death at Kabul airport
13:43 Afghan Paralympian pleas for help getting to Paralympics
14:17 Afghanistan’s Hazara minority fear renewed massacres under Taliban
16:35 Landslides hamper relief efforts in rural Haiti after earthquake
20:37 Ontario PCs apologize for fundraising letters that looked like invoices
21:00 Swedish company claims first production of green steel
21:37 Ranchers struggle to get livestock to safety when fleeing B.C. wildfires
24:43 The early winners, losers on the campaign trail | At Issue
38:50 "Miracle" recovery from COVID-19 blood clot
40:20 Controversy surrounds new Jeopardy! host
43:01 The Moment


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