Ford did what Tesla won't

Ford did what Tesla won't

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Last fall, Ford began parading a 1978 F-100 pickup truck around the country. But for Ford, this car was far more than a pretty new truck — it was a way to show off its new electric crate motor, the M-9000-MACHE, or the same electric motor that is in Ford’s all-electric Mustang Mach-E GT. I went to Electrified Garage in Ocala, Florida, an electric vehicle repair shop known for repairing Teslas at lower rates than Tesla itself, and spoke to, one of the leading forces in the right to repair movement, to figure out why this is so important.

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Huge thank you to Electrified Garage and iFixIt!
Electrified Garage:

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0:00 Intro
0:27 What is a crate motor?
0:55 Electric 1978 Ford F100
1:22 Electrified Garage
2:45 Common Tesla repairs
3:33 Why right to repair is important
4:00 iFixIt
5:00 Aftermarket EV’s are on the rise
6:18 The problems with Ford’s e-crate motor
7:00 Why this e-crate motor matters

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